NOW WOVEN FILTER BAG For Temperature Range: 180oC To 300oC)

Code ATT 903-111 903-112 903-113 903-114 903-115
Fiber Aramid PPS (Ryton) PTFE (Teflon) Polyimide (P84) Fiberglass
Scrim Aramid PPS (Ryton) PTFE Polyimide (P84) Fiberglass
Weight (g/m2) 500-550 500-550 800 500-550 850-900
Thickness (mm) 1.8-2.0 1.6-1.8 1.2 2.0-2.2 2.5
Air permeability (cm3/cm2/s@200Pa) 15-25 15-25 5-15 18-30 12-30
Tensile Strengt (Kgf) MD
≥ 1200 ≥ 1200 ≥ 1000 ≥ 1000 ≥ 2100
≥ 900 ≥ 1000 ≥ 850 ≥ 800 ≥ 2600
Finish Calender & Signed Calender & Signed Calender & Signed Calender & Signed Calender & Signed
Countinuous Temperature (oC) ≤ 200oC ≤ 180oC ≤ 250oC ≤ 240oC ≤ 260oC
Surge Temperature (oC) ≤ 230oC ≤ 210oC ≤ 270oC ≤ 260oC ≤ 300oC

Mechanical Finish:
  • Water & Oil Repellent
  • PTFE Coating
  • PTFE Coating and PTFE Laminate (For PM10)
  • PTFE Lamination with Seal Tape (For PM 2.5)

Reliance Filter Tech Inc. is a firm dedicated to manufacturing the best and the most effective filter bags and dust collector bags. Our experience in this field has enabled us to cross the barriers set by our predecessors and go forth to accept more challenges. We specialize in making high-temperature non-woven filter bags beside the standard filter bags too. These high-temperature filter bags are ideal for sectors like steel, petcoke, mining etc

What do we take care of while manufacturing?

We are a Manufacturer, Exporter, Dealer in Mumbai, India. We have expert team that continuously innovates on methods and materials to use for creating such marvelous bags. These high-temperature bags can withstand temperature as high as 180 degrees to 300 degrees Celsius.

Our teams also make use of fibers felt such as Aramid, PPS, Ryton, PTFE Teflon and others. Their durability and their strength have been the reason for our clients to pick these without second thoughts simply. Check out our wide range of filter bags for your industrial use right away.

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