PLEATED BAGS ( Polyurethane Top & Bottom ) & Metallic Press Pleated Bag

Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Pleat Depth (mm) No. of Pleats (mm) Area (sg mtr)
160 500 16 63 0.96
160 1000 16 63 2.00
160 1400 16 63 2.75
160 2000 16 63 4.00


Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Pleat Depth (mm) No. of Pleats (mm) Area (sg mtr)
150 500-2000 16/28 40-60 0.98-5.00
225 500-2000 16/28/48 60-80 0.98-16.00
325 500-1400 28/48 80-100 2.5-16.00

Material Construction of Pleated Cartridge:

TOP: Aluminum/MS/SS304,
INNER: Perforated sheet

Range of Media Offered:
  • Spun bonded polyster 260gsm
  • Spun bonded polyster 260gsm with OWR
  • Spun bonded polyster 260gsm with antistatic
  • Spun bonded polyster 260gsm antistatic with OWR
  • Spun bonded polyster 260gsm with PTFE membrance laminated

Range of Media Offered:
Cement, Steel, Metallurgical, Ceramics, Paints, Sugar, Shot Blasting, Powder Plant Welding Fumes etc...

If there is a filter bag that wins the popular vote in a few sectors, then it has to be the pleated bags. These pleated bags’ cartridges get aluminum top and have perforations on the inside and the pleated body that allows smooth passage of the products or dust that go through it. Reliance Fiber-Tech Inc. is a leading pleated filter bag manufacturer, exporter, dealer in Mumbai, India. One of our primary range of products includes these pleated filter bags that come in varying dimensions to suit our clients.

The Significance and the Specifications

Pleated fiber bags get polyurethane top and bottom, and the pleated cartridge gets the aluminum body too. The length of these filter bags varies, and clients can check them and buy for their industries. The number of pleats and the dimension has slight changes that the clients can learn from on checking at our website.

There would be specifications related to dimensions and the materials used to create these Pleated bags. Since filter bags have a huge contribution to dust collection process, we do not compromise with quality .

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