Technical Chart

Chemical and Abrasion Resistance of Fibres
Generic Type Examples Max Working Temperature (°C) Abrasion Resistance Acid Resistance Alkali Resistance Some Damaging Agents
Polyester Dacron Trevira 150 VG G P Quicklime, conc. mineral acids, steam hydrolysis
Polyaramid Nomex Conex 200 VG P VG Oxalic acid, mineral acids, acid salts
Polyimide P84 260 VG P VG Oxalic acid, mineral acids, acid salts
Cellulose Cotton Viscose 100 G P VG Copper sulphate, mineral acids, acid salts, bacteria
Silicate Fibreglass 260 P F F Calcium Chloride, Sodium Chloride, Strong Alkalis
Homopolymer acrylic Dolanit Zefran Ricem 140 G G F Zinc and Ferric Chloride, Ammonium Sulphate, Whiocyanates
Copolymer Acrylic Dralon Orlon 120 G G F As above for homopolymer
Polypropylene Moplefan (Trol) 90 (125) G E E Aluminium Sulphate, Oxidising Agents, e.g. Copper Salts, Nitric Acid
PTFE Teflon Rastex 260 F E E Fluorine
Polyamide Nylons 100 E P E Calcium chloride, zinc chloride, mineral acids
Polypeptide Wool 110 G G P Alkalis, Bacteria
Polyphenylene Sulphide Ryton Procon 190 G VG E Strong Oxidising Agents
PEEK Zyex 250 VG G G Nitric Acid
Polyester Dacron Trevira 150 VG G P Quicklime, conc. mineral acids, steam hydrolysis


For cement or chemical industries or even some huge production units, disposal of dust and waste is as vital aspect. They would not like to ignore it since they know the impact it will have on the environment.

We, at Reliance Filter-Tech Inc., have come up with Filteration – 2018 products, including dust collector bags and filter bags that help in the same. We ensure that whether the dust would be of liquid or solid or thin particle form, it needs to go out safely to the unit where it might go for disposal. That is why we make the best of industrial filter bags in business.

Being Technically Accurate in Manufacturing Filter Bags

As a top industrial filter bag Manufacturer, exporter, dealer in Mumbai, India, we have the know-how. Our products are used in various applications or sectors like edible oil, cement, metallurgy, dyes and pigments, black carbon, ceramics, and pharmaceuticals to name a few. This is why we stay very close to the specifics only and create industrial filter bags with woven or non-woven cloth. Accuracy is vital in our industry and so our products are just perfect in specifications.


Here is our technical chart that shall be elaborating on the types of fibers we use in getting our bags industry-specific.

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