Social Responsibility

India has seen one of the most spectacular growth in industrialization in the last decade. With India's economic growth surpassing China's growth on multiple occasion this year, we are destine to rule the global markets in markets in coming years.

Bit our growth is very imbalanced. With our growth being too much one sided we have completely ignored the environment.

With our cities ranking on top of the worlds polluted cities and our rivers ranking in the same wavelength and with majority of our population malnourished, our growth is highly imbalanced.

Keeping up with our vision of creating a cleaner, greener and more balanced eco-system, on the eve of World Environment Day, RELIANCE FILTERTECH INC, with its whole technicaland managerial team pledges a Rs. 10 donation for every Rs. 1000 revenue every year henceforth in the effort for Clean India Drive as addressed by our honourable Prime Minister Shri. NarendraModi.

"We care... and so we will dare"

With the money, we will address maximum pollution issues by investing in the following activities:

  • 1. Planting tree sapling every year
  • 2. Presenting Clean Society Award in association with Rotary Foundation in our area.
  • 3. Free garbage bag distribution in slums areas.
  • 4. Try to reach to maximum unfortunate and give them the right of basic human needs and right to education.

"It is not a one day job, but this is our day one for the job"

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